Discover the biggest Bingo Jackpots around Apr 2024

The amount keeps getting bigger and bigger until someone scores a Full House, taking home a bingo jackpot running in the hundreds, and sometimes in the thousands. We are talking about the biggest jackpots around!

Jackpot bingo is one of the main attractions at online bingo sites. It is what draws players from the four corners of the world and the competition is fierce. Everyone has dreamt at some point of winning a jackpot, quitting their job and living a life of luxury. Bingo jackpots get you closer to that dream becoming a reality.

What are Bingo Jackpots?

If house prizes don’t add enough buzz to your online bingo experience, get ready to be blown away by the big jackpots up for grabs. Let’s differentiate between the different types of bingo jackpots available:

Fixed Bingo Jackpots

There is always a fixed jackpot available to win, no matter how often it is won. All you have to do to win is to get a full house in a specified number of balls or less.

In a pattern game, the jackpot can be won when you get a coverall win within the stipulated ball counts. Patterns which are not coverall won’t win the jackpot. The fixed jackpot is usually split equally between all the winning tickets that win the criteria.

Progressive Bingo Jackpots

A progressive jackpot tends to be initially funded at a set amount and each day at around midnight, it increases based on the number of ticket sales from the previous day. The more tickets are purchased in online bingo, the more the jackpot will grow.

To stand a chance at winning a progressive jackpot, you need to get a full house in a game of online bingo in a specified number of balls or less. You will immediately be notified of your win. The amount of the jackpot as it stands at the time of playing will be displayed on top of your bingo game screen.

When a progressive jackpot has been won and validated, it will be reset.

Where can you win the biggest bingo jackpots?

Foxy Bingo

This online bingo site needs no or little introduction. Fronted by the friendliest fox around, Foxy Bingo offers plenty of bingo games. The progressive jackpots aren’t as big as they are offered by other competitors. However, they compensate for the lack of big jackpots in multiple small ones. You can see how many players are playing before you enter the room so at least, you know the number of players you are competing against.

Sign up today and make a minimum deposit of £10 and receive a total of £40 to play with. Additionally, you will also gain three days access to the Newbie Room where you can play and enjoy free bingo and the chance to win £250.

Gala Bingo

You have probably come across Gala Bingo at some point in your life. If it is not through one of their many bingo halls, then it must be via their many TV adverts. Gala Bingo has become a household name in the UK. Not only does it offer some of the best online bingo rooms and casino slots and games, but it also runs some damn good promos and offers.

When it comes to bingo jackpots though, it does not fail to disappoint. In fact, its jackpots run well into the thousands and with many bingo rooms available, you can rest assured that you have multiple chances of trying to snatch one of many available on the site.

When it comes to signing up, registering is a doddle. Make a minimum deposit of £10 and receive a total bonus of £30 to play with. And if that is not enough, you have the chance to win part of the £10,000 cash pool when you play free bingo in the newbies’ room for seven days.

Kitty Bingo

Calling all cat and bingo lovers! Kitty Bingo combines your two loves into an entertaining gaming experience. Jackpots here run well into the thousands. At the time of writing this, they had two jackpots, one currently standing at £12,000 and the other one close to £9,300.

Sign up to Kitty Bingo to take advantage of the welcome package as follows:

  • Make a minimum deposit of £10 and receive a 300% deposit bonus up to £150 + 100 free spins.
  • Receive a 100% bingo bonus on your second deposit up to £50.
  • Obtain a 150% bingo bonus on your third deposit up to £75.

888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies Jackpots is renowned for the big brand that has pushed it to the forefront. Not only does it offer a number of gaming options such as casino slot games, poker and gaming, but the 888 Ladies Bingo brand has gone absolutely bananas.

How so, you might ask? Well, they are giving away a huge selection of jackpots ranging from £100 to a massive £5,000. And with so many bingo rooms available to play at, you have more than one opportunity to snatch one. You just need to decide on whether you want to go after a small jackpot competing against a small group of players or going for the big prize.

To help you get started, they are giving you a 500% match bonus on your first deposit. Make a minimum deposit of £10 and get a total of £60 to play with.