Best bingo halls across UK May 2024

If you fancy a night out on the town with a twist, then we have the perfect suggestions for you. Combine your favourite game of bingo with England’s pride and joy London, and you are set for a night full of intriguing surprises with a major headache guaranteed for the morning after.

Looking for an unusual event in London, off-kilter happenings and unique parties is no longer a problem. While we are not playing at bingo halls or online, we love the nightlife that the city of London has to offer. This is why we have compiled a list of the best events that feature bingo and so much more.

London has become the main UK hub for cool and quirky events that offer some of the best alternative nightlife events, secret pop-ups, cabaret shows, themed nights, supper clubs and so much more. All of the below-mentioned alternative nights feature your favourite game of bingo but we should warn you that these events are not for the faint-hearted. Get ready to let your hair down!

What makes the following different is that they will change the way you play bingo and will make you see the game differently from what you are used to. There are no huge bingo halls here and you definitely won’t be chatting serenely or peacefully with other players after all. This is London! This is Bingo! This is Wild!

Rebel Bingo

If you love the traditional game of bingo but would like to try your hand at something a tad different, then Rebel Bingo is the event for you. Rebel Bingo is an emotional and intense style of bingo that was “invented by accident in the basement of a church one night”. From then onwards, the organisers admitted that the event got totally out of control and took a life of its own.

This quirky yet intriguing night features dramatic bingo combined with a full-on electric atmosphere of clubbing. This has exploded in popularity in recent years and even has legions of fans who love the explicit number calling, the great prizes including guitars and motorbikes, shed-loads of glitter and huge bursts of energy.

Music played at these events can vary from rock to 90s classics and from garage and hip hop to 80s cheesy pop tunes. Oh and definitely a lot of house music. Just don’t go there expecting to play bingo the normal way. This is a crazy night out to celebrate bingo and music! Oh and life!

Musical Bingo

Musical Bingo is just like any other bingo with the exception that instead of shouting out numbers, they play songs. Each round takes on a different theme of song choices, which could be based on a genre, a peculiar topic or a decade.

Unique bingo cards are handed out by the entertaining comperes.  DJ’s Rapture, Stick and Johnny Unknown take the podium to spin a medley of tunes while players mark off the numbers on their bingo cards. Prizes are won for one, two and three lines and finally the Grand Prize: The Full House.

Expect outrageous costumes, stage invasions, confetti showers and so much more. This is bingo as never seen or experienced before.

Bogan Bingo

If you love music and bingo, then get ready to enter the bizarre world of the alternative bingo night called Bogan Bingo. Playing alternative rock songs and hosted by two Wayne’s World-styled hosts, this event is reminiscent of the 80s.  Expect cut-off jean shorts, flip-flops, strobe light and coarse language.

The hosts Tim and Trev emerge to Poison’s “Ain’t Nothing But a good time” to a boisterous audience which is hungry for action. Tim quickly starts spinning the bingo balls while Trev gets to the mic to read out the numbers. This is where the smut starts to flow and the crowd loves it!

More numbers tumble out of Tim’s mouth, accompanied by more classic rock songs and dry ice until someone stands up, raises their devil horns and yells, “Bloody Bingo”.

If you love the 80s or classic rock, get ready to rock out to the sounds of Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin and Brian Adams. Have a ball of a time!

Steamy Bingo Bottomless Brunch

Merge two of your favourite things every Saturday: Brunch and Bingo! Tina Turner Tea Lady leads the bingo procession where you can win some amazing prizes all whilst chomping down on one of the delicious brunch dishes. All of this is accompanied by bottomless Bottom Mary’s and Mimosas.

Brunch runs every Saturday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. so you would need to book ahead.

Alternative Bingo Nights

One venue that is spicing things up is at Tooting Tram near Tooting Broadway Station. Every month they hold Indie Bingo nights with a variation of bingo of the indie kind. Drink vouchers and cash jackpots are offered as prizes.

Another event that follows the theme of music is the Big Bingo Show in Vauxhall, a bingo-cabaret show held in the heart of London. This event features sing-along, guests and other surprises to liven things up. Along with some interesting performers putting up shows, you can expect a good night out with a touch of bingo.

Musical Bingo’s Apres Ski

Themed as an Apres-ski after party, the team at Concrete in Shoreditch open up their venue for a Bingo night with a twist. The team behind the event wants to prove that bingo is not just for the older generation and definitely not reserved for the bingo halls only.

Instead of calling out numbers, the Deejays play party tracks. You will definitely hold your sides from laughing too much and will do some outrageous dance moves. Prizes are up for grabs for the lucky winners.

Gay Bingo

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern hosts one of the best and most hilarious bingo events in London. Expect spontaneous rants and banter, plenty of singing and music of the great variety all night long from the resident DJs. Expect an unforgettable night of fun.

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